Jan 27, 2022

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10 killed in eastern DR Congo attacks

Armed groups killed seven civilians and three members of the security forces in eastern DRC where a clinic was set on fire, local sources said on Thursday.

Two soldiers in Butembo, around 50 Kilometers (30 miles) from Beni in North Kivu province were killed by “Mai-mai militiamen,” said Colonel Donat Mandonga, the chief administrator in neighboring Lubero district.

One policeman and four militiamen were also killed in the fighting, said Captain Anthony Mualushayi, the army spokesman in the Beni region.

The term “Mai-mai” is often used to describe armed groups who claim to be communities in the to represent many of the region’s ethnic feuds.


Separately, Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) killed four women and three men on Wednesday while they were working in fields near the Ugandan border, Ricardo Rupande said , a community organizer in Rwe nzori, to AFP.

The ADF is a group that the self-proclaimed group Islamic State says is an affiliate.

The same night, ADF members set fire to a medical center in Luonoli village and “turned it to ashes,” Luonoli village chief Semu Kiheka told AFP, adding that local people fled after the attack.

The ADF is the main observer More than 120 armed groups operating in eastern DRC are said to be violent.

The group is accused of killing thousands in a year-long campaign in the region and orchestrating the latest attacks in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

On November 30, Ugandan troops began deploying across the border and joined Congolese troops in a crackdown on the ADF in the Beni region.