Dec 5, 2022

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A month since AU’s Big Two visited ‘Bro Putin’ we starve on

You no longer have to scratch your head and wonder why the people on the continent with the most natural resources are the poorest and most miserable on earth. Your leaders keep giving you the answers, so why wonder?

It has been a month since the African Union was represented at the highest level with a visit to Russia’s top leader, our comrade Vladimir Putin. It is a very good gesture to visit a friend when you think he is struggling, so the planners of the visit should be commended for the fraternal gesture.

You can also visit your brother when you Problems and needs have him to help you out of trouble. This was the stated reason for the said high-level visit from Africa.

So the highest representatives of Africa went and presented our problem and asked for assistance, and Brother Putin kindly promised to solve it.

You probably remember the problem we presented to Ndugu Putin; that we are facing starvation because of the food prices that are facing starvation after his deployment in this place called Ukraine.

Fortunately, Brother Putin has promised to help us to avert starvation.

Have you been waiting for another AU visit to America or one of its allies seeking similar support? When it happened, it wasn’t considered important enough to report.

Anyway, some of us naive fellows who don’t know business and politics would have thought, the place where you’re around China could beg for food, which has not had and does not have a declared side in the Ukraine conflict. It hasn’t happened yet, or if it did, it wasn’t so important to report to the starving citizens of the continent on whose behalf begging trips are made.

But we naive fellows would have thought that the solution to hunger should be sought in Africa itself. Because statistics compiled from the very countries our leaders are begging tell us that the largest amount of arable land left on the planet is in Africa.

We’re told so too and we probably know it, too. Tremendous amounts of freshwater flow down African rivers, and even more fall as rain onto the continent to support agriculture on the hundreds of millions of hectares available.

So do outsiders say, and we probably know it too Temperatures on the continent are benign and most places can harvest two seasonal crops, some three in a year.

It’s been five months since the Ukraine thing happened. Any serious owner of those millions of acres of land and billions of gallons of fresh water would have harvested a billion tons of grain and other root-tube foods in that time, rather than providing ammunition to those who believe the black man was created inferior to other races. Do we hate ourselves so much that we have to help others hate us?

Some might say we don’t have enough tractors to till the land. Or they can cunningly argue that fuel prices are going up, so we can’t power the tractors, so we have to go to some magnanimous outsider who gives us food or money to buy the food.

Well , while we wait for free or cheap food from the people whose land is covered in snow a quarter to a third of the year, can we use our hands and ox plows to plow and plant a few million acres?

While we wait for a young foreign journalist to come and snap photos of black children with flies on their slime-covered faces to raise money to feed us, we can also use our millions of cheap Chinese-made phones to To take pictures of our muscles, young men tilling the land, and our beautiful young women cultivating food to share to remind our children ern that we are not mentally handicapped people who like it when others give them what they already have.

Joachim Buwembo is a Kampala-based journalist. Email:[emailprotected]