Sep 25, 2022

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Angola bans opinion polls during electoral campaign period

The Angolan government has banned opinion polls on elections during the election campaign, an official said Tuesday.

Angola will hold its general elections in August before the campaigning begins to be announced.

According to Manuel Homem, Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communications, the ban on voting in elections has been discussed by lawmakers and is now within the scope of the proposed law.< /p>

“Opposition lawmakers believe that this inquiry should be conducted on election day, but the government understands that it should not be so,” he said.

All research and survey activities can be conducted and announced before the start of the campaign period, Mr. Homem said.

However, the government proposal will not prevent St udium and polls will not be conducted during the election period unless they are announced in the media or published during that period, he added.

Governing party candidate

< p class="ydp12117b2a">The ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) party confirmed President João Lourenço as its flag-bearer for the elections and gave him the chance to run for a second term.

< p class="ydp12117b2a" >According to Angola’s electoral system, the leader of the party with a majority of votes becomes president.

The MPLA has ruled Angola since independence in 1975.


President Lourenço will face off against Adalberto Costa Júnior from the main opposition party Unita, Manuel Fernandes from Casa-Ce and Benedito Daniel from PRS in the August elections.

Nimi a Simbi from FNLA, Filomeno Vieira Lopes by BD and Abel Ch ivukuvuku of Pra-Ja Servir Angola will also participate in the elections.

Ministers’ trips

Meanwhile, Angolan ministers, secretaries of state, governors and A ban on traveling abroad was imposed on deputy governors on Monday to last from May 15 until the next president takes office after the general election in August President Lourenço states that the measure was taken “in view of the fact that the end of the Executive Branch’s term of office for the period 2017-2022 is approaching.”

“Considering the need to maximize the results of the institutional articulation work carried out, as well as an inventory of the activities carried out during the term of office by the various bodies of the central and local state administration increasing,” she adds.

The order clarifies that the suspension exempts the minister and secretaries of state in foreign affairs’s docket.

Another exception is “Companies traveling to participate in specific and unavoidable situations, provided they are duly authorised”.