Aug 8, 2022

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Angolan minister rejects claims of plot to switch off Dos Santos’ life support

Angolan’s foreign minister on Thursday denied allegations that he traveled to Barcelona, ​​Spain, where former President José Eduardo dos Santos is hospitalized on the ex-leader’s “life support”. off.

< p class="ydpfcb62896">The announcements come after Welwicthia dos Santos, the former president’s daughter, accused President João Lourenço’s government of trying to kill her father.

On Tuesday, Welwithcia, in an audio posted to social media, said her father was alive and stable.

“They [the government] are trying to Convince family (…) to ask doctors to shut down. As a daughter, I will never allow anyone to turn off the machines of a living father whose heart is beating normally.”

The former head of state has been at the Heknon Center in B since June 23 arcelona in the hospital.

“This decision rests with the family”, Tete António, t said the Foreign Minister.

Speaking to journalists outside Speaking at the hospital, Mr António also assured the Angolan public that the government will cover all of the 79-year-old former president’s medical expenses. p>

“We limited ourselves to fulfilling a mission entrusted to us by the President of the Republic, namely to come here to know the state of health of President José Eduardo dos Santos,” Rádio Nacional de Angola quoted Mr. António as saying.

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He declined to disclose details about Dos Santos’ health, adding that it was the responsibility of his doctors.

“We are Africans, we have a culture not conducive to that kind of hypothesis,” he added.