Sep 21, 2021

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Bicycle ride-sharing App gets the green light to launch in various Kigali locations

Kigali residents will soon be able to get around the city on electric bicycles.

Within a few weeks, residents will be able to get around the city on shared bicycles made possible by mobility App. The bikes will be docked at different stations across the city.

The stations are located in Gisimenti, City Center, Kimironko and other corridors of the city and each have at least five bikes in yellow and blue. The bikes have already caused a stir.

The innovation was launched by Guraride, a mobility company that aims to promote non-motorized transport as one of the most resource-efficient and environmentally friendly modes of transport.

The bikes have been in their docking stations for the past two months while Guraride worked on fine-tuning the ride-sharing app, which is now ready for public use.

Those interested in cycling will be Ordered for one and paid online as the app is synchronized with digital payment platforms. After payment, a key is generated and used to unlock the bike.

For the first three months, riders can enjoy the bikes for free as the company conducts a trial run for the project, after which a certain fee is charged will be billed per trip.

Tony B Adesina, the founder and CEO of Guraride, said they need to develop the most adaptable bike for the city and work with city officials on the overall concept of the network. which had to take some time. Use of public bike rentals is picking up speed in Rwanda.

The company initially set July as the date to stop trips in the corridors around the Central Business District and in Kisimenti, where there are established bike lanes, but there wasn’t enough time to finish the app, so it was pushed forward.

Guraride will launch two models of bikes “Smart Bikes” and “Electric Bikes”, starting with Smart Bikes, while the e-bikes will be introduced at a later date.

The decision to start with these two corridors was made after several surveys and analyzes of highly frequented places in the city as well as existing bike paths. to gradually promote the acceptance of the bikeshare app and the use of bicycles as a means of transport.

The partnership with the city of Kigali will result in Guraride using bicycles for the bikeshare program throughout the city Making the movement from one point to another more convenient and affordable for residents of Rwanda.

There will be awareness programs for the general public about the importance and benefits of cycling for the health and the environment as this will reduce the city’s daily CO2 emissions.

The project will gradually be expanded to the entire country, with plans to include other satellite cities such as Musanze, Rubavu, Bugesera and Huye.

Rwandans have demonstrated an affinity for sporting activities as a way of life. And this method of transportation fits this profile, according to a survey by the company, which also found that over 65 percent of the students showed interest in this project.