Jan 31, 2023

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Boris Johnson to resign as UK PM

Boris Johnson will announce his resignation as Britain’s Prime Minister on Thursday, a government source said, after he was abandoned by Conservative Party ministers and lawmakers who said he was unfit to govern.

With eight ministers, including two foreign secretaries, having resigned in the last two hours, an isolated and powerless Johnson was ready to bow to the inevitable and later announce his resignation.

His office at Downing Street confirmed that Johnson would later make a statement to the country.

After fighting for days for his job, Johnson was abandoned by all but a handful of allies after the last of a series of Scandals had broken her willingness to support him.

“His resignation was inevitable,” Justin Tomlinson, vice leader of the Conservative Party, said on T weather. “As a party, we need to band together quickly and focus on what’s important. These are serious times on many fronts.”

The Conservatives must now elect a new leader, a process that could take around two months.

In a sign of his waning support in one of the In the most turbulent 24 hours in recent British political history, Johnson’s Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who was only appointed to his post on Tuesday, asked his boss to resign.

“This is unsustainable and it will only get worse: for You, for the Conservative Party and most importantly for the whole country,” he said on Twitter. “You have to do the right thing and go now.”

Some of those who remained in office, including Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, said they were doing so only because they had a duty to protect the country.< /p>

There had been so many resignations of ministers that the government was paralyzed.

The ebullient Johnson came to power almost three years ago and promised Britain’s exit from the European Union Union and to bring about a rescue from the bitter tug-of-war after the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Since then, some Conservatives have enthusiastically supported the former journalist and London Mayor, while others have supported him despite reservations because he was able to appeal parts the voters who normally rejected their party.

This was confirmed in the December 2019 elections. But his administration’s combative and often chaotic approach to governance and a series of scandals have drained the goodwill of many of his lawmakers, while opinion polls show he is no longer popular with the general public.

The recent crisis erupted after lawmaker Chris Pincher, who held a government chaplaincy role, was forced to quit over allegations that he groped men at a private member’s club.

Johnson had to apologize after it emerged that he had informed this pincher had been the subject of previous sexual misconduct complaints before appointing him. The Prime Minister said he had forgotten.

Months of scandal and missteps followed, including a scathing report of boisterous parties at his Downing Street residence and office, in defiance of the strict COVID-19 lockdown rules and police fined him at a gathering to mark his 56th birthday.

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There were also political U-turns, an ill-fated defense of a lawmaker for breaking lobbying rules and criticism for not doing enough to fight inflation as many Brits grapple with soaring fuel and food prices.