May 26, 2022

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Burkina Faso President Kabore arrested by mutinous soldiers: security sources

Muzzling troops in troubled Burkina Faso arrested President Roch Marc Christian Kabore on Monday, detaining him a day after staging a riot at an army barracks, security sources told AFP.

Soldiers at several army bases in the West An African country rebelled on Sunday, demanding the dismissal of senior military officials and more resources to fight a bloody jihadist insurgency.

Later in the day, gunshots were heard near Kabore’s private home in the capital Ouagadougou and Witnesses reported seeing a helicopter overhead.

“President Kabore, the head of parliament and ministers are practically in the hands of the soldiers” at the Sangoule Lamizana barracks in the capital Ouagadougou, a security source said with another source, which confirms the arrest.

The situation in the capital was tense and confused, where the mobile Internet abated on Sunday had been made, making it difficult to verify rumors of a coup in progress.

An AFP journalist said around 10 hooded tro ops had stationed themselves outside national broadcaster RTB on Monday, but it was not immediately clear if they came from the mutineers or had been sent by the government.

Kabore, first elected in 2015 before winning After his re-election five years later, after vowing to campaign for the fight priority against the jihadist insurgency, he faced mounting public anger at the failure to stop the bloodshed.

A group of protesters supporting the soldiers set up makeshift roadblocks on several main streets in the capital, before being dispersed by police, AFP journalists said.

There have been several coups or attempted coups in Burkina Faso. In neighboring Mali – where the insurgency began before crossing the border – the military toppled the civilian government in 2020.

Soldiers’ demands

Recent volatility in Burkina Faso began on Sunday morning as numerous military bases , including two in Ouagadougou.

The rebel forces presented a list of demands that stressed the need for a better anti-jihadi strategy but made no mention of trying to overthrow Kabore .

“We want adequate resources to fight” against Islamist extremists, said a soldier from the Sangoule Lamizana base in Ouagadougou in a voice recording provided to AFP.

The disaffected soldiers also wanted that “replaced” top generals, better care for wounded troops and more support for the families of soldiers killed in action, the spokesman for the mutinous force added in the anonymous recording.

Conversations between Soldiers’ representatives and Defense Secretary General Barthelemy Simpore failed to make progress, a government source said.

On Saturday, before there were any signs of soldiers mutiny, police tearfully broke up banned protests against the anti-jihadist government strategies and arrested dozens.

Then on Sunday, protesters set fire to the ruling party’s headquarters.

Government denies

Before reports of the president’s arrest the government had denied an “army takeover”.

In response to the unrest, authorities imposed a night-time curfew from 20:00 (2000 GMT) Sunday “until further notice”, and the Ministry of Education said announced that schools would be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Sangoule Lamizana camp, where Kabore is being held, also houses a military prison where General Gilbert Diendere – a former rec ous man of ousted President Blaise Compaore – is serving a 20-year sentence for an attempted coup in 2015.

Diendere is also facing imprisonment for his alleged involvement in the assassination of the country’s revolutionary leader, Thomas Sankara 1987 coup in court that brought Compaore to power.

Compaore, overthrown by a popular uprising in 2014, fled to Ivory Coast and faces murder charges in absentia.

The latest The turmoil coincides with a jihadist insurgency that swept out of Mali in 2015 and overwhelmed Burkina’s ill-trained and ill-equipped forces.

Around 2,000 people have died, according to an AFP tally, while about 1.5 million people are detained according to the national emergency agency CONASUR.