Jan 25, 2022

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Conflict in South Sudan and Sudan border leaves 24 dead


At least 24 people have been in the past few days after clashes between. killed Messiraya nomads from Sudan and residents of Aweil East district in the northern state of Bahr-el-Ghazal in South Sudan, the state’s information minister confirmed on Wednesday.

In an interview with The East African , the information minister for the north of Bahr-El-Ghazel, William Anyuon Kuol, said on the phone that another 15 were killed in new clashes on Wednesday morning.

” We have had a number of attacks on civilian settlements, “he added.

Mr Kuol said the National Army repulsed the attackers. The South Sudanese People’s Defense Forces have yet to confirm the incident.

“So far we have been told that they are still there and we do not know what will happen next. This area has no network coverage. We rely on radio communications with military garrisons in this area, ”he claimed.

Aweil is near the border between Sudan and South Sudan.

On Tuesday, Aweil East County Commissioner Kiir Yor Lual said at least nine people had been killed in various attacks in the region over the past five days.

He called on the national government to task neighboring authorities with solving the crisis.

Efforts to solicit comments from the Sudanese authorities were unsuccessful.

The representative the Messiraya community in Ibrahim Marek in the northern state of Bahr el Ghazal, who is also a high-ranking member of the Dinka Malual and Messiraya Border Peace Committee, condemned the attacks and called on the Sudanese government to intervene immediately to avoid further escalation.

Past attacks in Aweil were with conflicts over pastureland between the Sudanese Messiraya nomads and the So. associated uth Sudanese Aweil locals.

Due to the change of seasons in Sudan, Messiraya nomads usually move with their herds of cattle to the South Sudanese areas of Aweil and Abyei in search of water and pasture.

In the past, several peace conferences took place between Dinka Malual and Messiraya, which led to resolutions to keep the peace, monitor crime and pay blood compensation in the event of murder.