Sep 20, 2021

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EAC to provide hotline for cross-border traders to report challenges

The East African community will have a hotline through which traders crossing partner countries can register their challenges and receive immediate feedback, said the Secretary General.

“There is a need for ongoing non-tariff tariffs Eliminate trade barriers (NTBs) and reduce the time required to move goods and people, increasing trade within the EAC, which is currently 15 percent, ”said Dr. Peter Mathuki on Monday while visiting the Kenya-Tanzania border in Namanga.

“This emergency number is being set up for feedback and follow-up on trade issues and we hope it will provide a way for traders to face their challenges The EAC Secretary General urged government agencies on the Namanga border to hold regular consultation meetings with traders to identify and address factors affecting intra-regional trade.

< He affirmed that the movement of goods and people at the One Stop Border Post (OSBP) of Namanga and The dead end of truck traffic has been eliminated according to the instructions given by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta last week as his Tanzanian counterpart Samia Suluhu Hasan Nairobi visited Make sure we facilitate trade between Kenya and Tanzania. Your feedback today will enable us to address these challenges, ”said Amb John Stephen Simbachawene, Dr. Mathuki accompanied him to the Namanga Post.

Both officers inspected customs offices, truck yards and warehouses to establish why goods from some of the trucks from Tanzania were delayed by three days.

< A delay in the publication of the truck drivers' Covid-19 results, the lack of a synchronized review of the border crossing procedure and different tax regimes for goods fees from Tanzania and weighbridges are some of the challenges that traders face on the border with Namanga.

“The truck drivers should be tested for Covid-19 in the shortest possible time in order to improve the time required to clear goods at the border,” said Dr. Mathuki.

Paul Kamkulu, OSBP Manager of the Tanzanian Tax Authority (TRA) in Namanga, explained at the forum that in 2019/2020 Tanzanian imports from Kenya were at around 138.79 million US dollars, while exports to Kenya, Tely was about 124.33 million US dollars.

In 2020/2021, Tanzania’s imports from Kenya were about 131.44 million US dollars, while exports to Kenya were about 170 , $ 40 million.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Joseph Moywaywa, station manager of Namanga, said Kenya’s top exports to Tanzania include detergents, tiles, automotive and solar panels, while Tanzania’s top exports to Kenya include fresh vegetables, alcoholic beverages and fertilizers.