Jun 15, 2021

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Eating and drinking at The Secret

Kigali is rightly considered one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. Its attractions are meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibition activities. its past and the place where all the action takes place. However, until recently, the city would never have been on anyone’s list of gastronomic destinations. Fortunately, things have changed and Rwanda has learned to appreciate its national products and its grandeur.

A new wave of pioneers such as Y&T cocktails and creperie, as well as the more formal, newly opened sister company The Secret Lounges have transformed Kigali restaurants.

The gradual revival of the sector, badly hit by the coronavirus crisis, has created a vibrant gastronomic scene eager to make up for lost time. The loosening of the lockdown has led to a new generation of bon vivants who want to try out new restaurants and just get out of the house.

While looking for a new treat, I came across The Secret Lounge. The newly opened top-end hotel.

This romantic hideaway is located in the upscale Gishushu district on KG 599 St, directly across from Sole Luna.

It’s a good 15-minute drive Drive away from the central business district and away from the crowds.

As you walk down the stairs that lead into the Secret, you will be drawn in by the colorful turquoise exterior. The lounge has a luxurious, chic look with plush plush chairs in the womb with stronger hues like velvet green and neutral colors like gray and creamy white muted with a blacker hue.

The elegant interior is borrowed somewhat from Classic French combines it with contemporary chic to achieve a climax of calm elegance.

The crowning glory of the mystery is the lively, carefully designed dining area in the rose garden, which breaks out into a canvas of bright white, pink, purple and coral Flowers. Also noteworthy are the gold accents on the tables and paneling, the vibrant turquoise metalwork that the lounge is housed in, and the gleaming artificial turf floor that reflects the afternoon sunlight.

In the background, sweet pop music was played Als When I got there, I was preparing for a nice afternoon.

After enjoying the visual splendor of the ambience, I took my order. I opted for fried potatoes and chicken, which was served with a side dish of vegetables.

It took some time for the food to come on the table.

In the meantime, I was walking around and tried to find the best shots of the restaurant. The fried potato chicken didn’t disappoint when it finally arrived at the table. The presentation of the food was excellent.

The fried potatoes were cooked with garlic, which added to the charm of the gnarled potato. It was flavorful and was perhaps my favorite part of the meal.

The chicken was tender, seasoned enough, and just fell off the bone, but lacked the distinct tick that would throw it out of the park.

The vegetables were fresh and made for a healthy meal.

I also tried some cocktails. On my first visit, I enjoyed the mojitos served in a highball glass.

which was particularly strong. When I was on my second glass, I was already on my feet and dancing. I enjoyed the Blue Lagoon on my second visit which was part of Beefeater London Dry Gin, Cointreau and Parfum Menthe, garnished with lemon peel and mint. It was visually striking and tasted equally good.

All in all, The Secret is a nice addition to Kigali’s gastronomic scene. Despite the limited options on the menu and the service that can be missing especially when the house is full. I can’t blame the establishment for anything else. Chris, who originally comes from Cameroon, sets new standards with every new hotel.

The Secret Lounge is a quiet haven that is ideal for an afternoon soaked in wine or cocktails and fizzy sundowners>