May 27, 2022

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ECOWAS military mission for peace in Guinea Bissau on the ground

Ecowas military mission personnel have begun landing in Guinea-Bissau, the government spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

In February, the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) agreed to a military mission to Guinea-Bissau send after ” failed coup attempt. After the decision, some civil society organizations and political parties opposed the deployment, arguing that Parliament should first approve the matter.

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Alongside Guinea-Bissau, Eco intended to send troops to bring peace and stability to Mali and Guinea-Conakry following coup attempts.

According to the country’s Human Rights League, 60 people were killed with links to coup attempt arrested, while the government put the number of those arrested at 11.

“It’s not a consensus situation…but we have to follow Ecowas’s resolutions as a member and founding state,” said Guinea-Bissau government spokesman Mr Fernando Vaz said.

“The details of the Ecowas stabilization mission in Guinea-Bissau will be finalized in May in Accra, Ghana, during a summit of the bloc’s chiefs of staff he added, without giving further details.

On Monday, local media reported that part of Ecowas’ 631 personnel and its logistics were already in the country.