Sep 21, 2021

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Farmaajo, PM Roble turf wars escalate over ‘minister’s dismissal’

Somalia’s President Mohamed Farmaajo has overturned another important decision by Prime Minister Hussein Roble as the differences between the two leaders escalate.

This came after Mr Roble’s resignation of Homeland Security Minister Hassan Hundubey and his post had been filled.

On Wednesday, Mr. Roble appointed Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, a member of the outgoing parliament, to replace Hundubey.

However, President Farmaajo later announced that The Prime Minister has no powers to make such a decision.

“Based on Article 90 (e) of the Provisional Constitution, the powers of the President include the dismissal of the Ministers, Ministers of State and the Deputy Ministers ‘proposal of the Prime Minister'”, states it in the Farmaajo Declaration.

“No appointment or dismissal of cabinet members is feasible until all constitutional means are exhausted.”

The President said that Mr Robles’ current job is to look at the conduct of the elections and other state priorities.

There have been debates about whether the Farmaajo government will Transitional government is because its term has expired and Somalia will hold postponed elections.

Additional transitional clauses in the Provisional Constitution gives the Prime Minister overall control over the government, particularly over the Council of Ministers.

But Somalia’s lack of strong courts to help interpret the law has led political leaders to interpret it as they wish.

Earlier this week, Farmaajo overturned an order from the Prime Minister to suspend the then intelligence chief Fahad Yasin.

Mr. Yasin stood after the 25-year-old intelligence officer Ikran Tahlil. in the eye of storm Farah disappeared in June and the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) said last week the spy was kidnapped and killed by al-Shabaab fighters. The militants denied the allegations.

Ms. Tahlil’s family also rejected the NISA statement.

PM Roble suspended Mr. Yasin over the weekend to pave the way for an investigation . Hours later, President Farmaajo lifted the suspension. His office later announced that Mr. Yasin had resigned from his position as chief of espionage and was appointed senior national security advisor.

Farmaajo then appointed Yasin Abdullahi Mohamud to replace Mr. Yasin in an acting capacity at NISA. < / p> p>

However, this left the question of what role Bashir Mohamed Jama would play since Prime Minister Roble appointed him head of NISA when Mr Yasin was suspended.

Wednesdays, more official NISA’s Twitter account indicated that Farmaajo’s agent had taken over.