Dec 7, 2022

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Former Angola president Dos Santos’ health a ‘concerning situation’

Angolan President João Lourenço said on Wednesday that the health of former leader José Eduardo dos Santos was in a “worrying situation” and that he had sent the country’s foreign minister to Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he was hospitalized will follow developments closely.

Dos Santos has been in the Teknon Center clinic in Barcelona, ​​​​the city where he has been living since 2019, since last week.

“We can say, that the situation is worrying. Only the medical team will be able to provide more information,” President Lourenço said Wednesday after a visit to the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal.

< p>“Contact with his family members exists and the head of our diplomacy, Teté António, is on his way to Barcelona today to monitor the situation,” he added.

Angolan, portugies Irish and Spanish media also confirmed that the former president’s health was deteriorating.

Dos Santos ruled Angola for 38 years until 2017.

Meanwhile, Dos’ daughter also confirmed Santos, however, expressed her belief that her father is in critical condition.

José Eduardo dos Santos is alive. All of his body’s organs are functioning normally and there is indeed a neurological problem.”

“But a person who was admitted to the hospital four or five days ago is a patient who might – yes, sir, yes sir – live many years. We know of several cases of people who have been in a coma for several years,” Welwitchia dos Santos told DW Radio.

“Some woke up, some didn’t. So why do they want to turn off the machines?” she asked.

The medical team said the 79-year-old had irreversible brain damage, Portuguese radio-television station (RTP) said on Wednesday, adding that his family members should decide whether to opt out of artificial life support.