Sep 25, 2022

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Former Angola president Jose Eduardo dos Santos hospitalised

Angola’s former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos is rushed to a hospital in Spain where he is being treated for an unspecified illness.

A statement from President João Lourenço’s office on Friday said his predecessor was in stable condition in Barcelona, ​​where he has lived since leaving the center of power in 2017.

President Lourenco expressed his solidarity with the condition of in a phone call with the former First Lady Mr. Dos Santos.

“Following the information about the deterioration of the health of former President José Eduardo dos Santos, President Lourenço spoke today to Mrs. Ana Paula dos Santos as a gesture of solidarity,” said the Presidency Friday in a statement.

José Gama, a political analyst and editor-in-chief of Clubk, an Angolan online news website, said: “It is believed that there ss he had a respiratory arrest. Let’s keep praying for the old man.”

A Portuguese news agency Jornal de Negocios had previously reported that dos Santos’ family members were concerned that his health condition was “very serious”. .

According to the report, the former president is said to have been admitted to the intensive care unit. But Mr Gama said dos Santos, 79, is stable in Spain, according to his sources.

After Mr dos Santos retired in 2017 and handed over the reins of government to President Lourenco, Mr dos Santos went to Spain , where he lived for two years and five months and returned to Luanda last year.

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He returned to Barcelona in March after a six-month stay in the country.

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< p>In May, his daughter Welwitchea took to social media to defuse speculation fueled by a letter that identified the ex-president’s personal physician as the only one authorized to disclose his medical condition as “fake”.< /p>

The letter allegedly signed by the man who ruled Angola for 38 years re lang, was also broadcast by some media.