Aug 8, 2022

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Fuel prices in Tanzania rise despite subsidies

Tanzanians are bracing for tougher times as fuel prices rose across the country from Wednesday, despite government subsidies.

According to the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Agency (Ewura), petrol prices are , diesel and kerosene have risen to unprecedented levels in the local market.

Since 6th July 2022, a liter of petrol in Dar es Salaam is now 3,220Tsh ($1.38) instead of 2,994Tsh ($1.28 $) last month, while diesel price will now be Tsh 3,143 ($1.35) from Tsh 3,131 ($1.34), the regulator said in a statement.

The retail price of kerosene will be 3,442 Tsh ($1.48) per liter versus Tsh3,299 ($1.41) last month.

In some places like Kagera, a liter of gasoline costs as much as Tsh 3,435 ($1.47).< /p>

However, without the government’s monthly subsidy of 100 billion Tsh (42 million US dollars), prices would have been much higher since June

“Oil marketers can sell their products at a price that gives them a competitive advantage, provided that price does not exceed the price cap,” Ewura said in a statement signed by CEO Modestus Lumato .