Oct 18, 2021

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Guinea junta detains ex-minister for several hours


Guinea’s new junta held former minister Tibou Kamara at him for several hours Arrest Sunday before sunrise and ransack his home, the area around him and an official statement Coup overturned in the West African country.

Kamara was taken to an unknown location without explanation, said an employee of AFP .

< p class = "align - justify"> About 10 men ransacked his home and took various items, including phones belonging to his entourage, the source said.

Kamara was released Sunday afternoon, his entourage said.

The ruling National Committee for Reconciliation and Development (CNRD) confirmed the arrest in a statement read out on state television accused Kam ara of violating promises of neutrality towards the junta.

social peace

After the coup, the CNRD advised the overthrown government” to refrain from any act or communication that might disrupt the social peace and patriotic zeal that the arrival of the CNRD had sparked, “the statement said.

She accused Kamara of “clear and repeated breach” of this obligation, adding that “several items related to this breach were confiscated from his home”.

“The CNRD is true to its commitment to doing justice to their compass, assuring the people of Guinea that no witch hunts will be carried out,” she said.

The CNRD banned former ministers and poor former ministers The French left the colony and ordered them to hand over their travel documents and return their official vehicles.


The The coup has fueled international concerns about the democratic relapse in West Africa, drawing parallels with Mali, which has suffered two coups since August 2020.

Conde, 83, was due to What critics say has come under increasing pressure was a slide into authoritarianism, with dozens of opposition activists arrested after a controversial election last year.

The country at 13 Millions of people has experienced three coups since independence in 1958.