Dec 4, 2022

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#JusticeForShireen: Who will call this journalist’s killers to account?

Something keeps happening to remind us that we live in a truly cynical world where politicians and governors only care about what works for them in the craziest calculations of political gains in the here and now.

Such an opportunity arose again with the assassination of Shireen Abu Aqleh, who was shot dead by the Israeli military in Jennin a week ago.

The Israeli authorities were quick to deny any responsibility, as you do every time something like this happens, even suggesting that Shireen might have been hit by a Palestinian bullet!

But it soon became clear that this was nonsense when the Israeli military attacked the crowd that Shireen’s entourage escorted her gravesite, beating up the mourners and nearly capsizing her coffin, an abomination in any faith you can imagine. The humiliation of this attack on the procession erased any doubt that might have existed regarding the journalist’s killers. Hatred of the young woman was demonstrated in all its ugliness by this act.

Israeli Defense Forces

It is so easy to understand why Israeli Defense Forces deliberately attack any journalist who commits their crimes documented in occupied Palestine. This has been the pattern since 1948, when Israel was formed through the forcible displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians — driven off their land and forced to live in refugee camps like the one where Shireen was killed.

As for the Palestinians al Nakba (the catastrophe) of 1948 was not an event and continues to this day as illegal settlements by Jews on Palestinian land continue and rightful owners are driven out. The other day I was watching the story of a woman who, after being evicted as a baby in 1948, has now been evicted from her former shelter. In other words, she was made a doubly displaced person.

The documentation of such crimes is what the Israeli authorities do not want, because it shows the true face of a regime that has begun to increasingly divide world opinion to see an apartheid system similar to the one we abolished in Pretoria in 1994. Shireen’s work helped shed more light on the atrocities committed by Israel and it just had to be stopped. Many other journalists in occupied Palestine paid the high price.

The usual hypocrisy of the powerful came into play when American President Joe Biden apparently “didn’t have all the facts” to comment on the assassination, despite the fact that Shireen was in fact an American citizen who had the right to claim protection from the US government.

But how can Americans provide that protection when she knee-jerkly defends Israel — no matter what what she is doing is a cornerstone of US foreign policy, including unquestioned funding and other forms of security and military assistance were an American bullet. This reminds me of Anton Myrer’s classic novel Once an Eagle. The arrows you hit are your own or a cruel version of “Friendly Fire”.

America’s continued thoughtless support for the State of Israel is truly bewildering, but the fact is that long-suffering People in Palestine (and around the world) will have to live with this until something really fundamental changes in international relations, and that’s something we can’t pinpoint a timeframe for.

You can’t tell with Certainty as to when American world hegemony will finally wane, although we know it must definitely be.

In the meantime, we can demand of those who illegally occupy other countries – a heinous crime in itself – by the norms of civilized society in dealing with journalists in situations of war and crisis.

It is the role of these people to brave the dangerous conditions created by such conflicts en to bring the world as accurate reports as possible so that the world will know how to respond to whatever is going on in the affected area and perhaps find a way to end the conflict. Deliberate targeting of journalists hampers such efforts.

It goes on and on. A few years ago, another American journalist was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and his killers have not been difficult to identify, although they remain safe from sanctions. Jamal Khashoggi remains a silent witness to the murderous brutality of the Saudi regime, which, like Israel, is a valued client of Washington.

American politicians

This is now almost universally accepted Israel can in the In the eyes of American politicians there is nothing wrong that it can literally get away with murder, and that is exactly what happened in the case of Shireen’s shooting.

I would expect our governments to show concern for this type of behavior a government with which they have diplomatic relations, but alas, who of our governments wants to raise issues regarding a dead journalist?

Jenerali Ulimwengu is now on YouTube via allenalionline tv. Email: [emailprotected]