May 26, 2022

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Kenya and China sign six trade agreements

Kenya and China have signed six trade agreements and promised to form a joint working group to address trade barriers between the two countries in order to reduce trade imbalances.

During The bilateral talks and the signing of the agreements between the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Raychelle Omamo and the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed optimism that the agreements will increase exports to China and improve the economy of its people.

< p class = "MsoPlainText"> “The six trade agreements signed between Kenya and China on Thursday will improve trade and deepen relations and cooperation between our two countries. Kenya aims to increase agricultural exports to China to address the trade imbalance between the to eliminate both countries, “said Ms. Omamo.

“The establishment of a working group to deal with the issues of tariffs and non-trade barriers will result in the two countries in tra-trade.”

< p class = "MsoPlainText"> The two countries have agreed to work together on information communications and technology (ICT) to boost the digital economy in Kenya and continue developing regional transport as an economic hub and creating a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Market for Kenyan agricultural products.

In the talks, Kenya is trying to export avocado and aquatic products, while China intends to continue donating rice to East Africa’s land to provide humanitarian aid.

China has also refuted claims that it is lending Africa money to trap it with debt.

Mr Wang said that those wrong Disseminate information, i want to destroy their relations with African countries to their advantage.

However, he added that China will continue to help African countries overcome their challenges such as poverty and underdevelopment.

“This so-called debt trap is This is not a fact, it is speculation that some people play with ulterior motives. This is a narrative trap created by those who do not want to see developments in Africa. If there is a trap, it is poverty and underdevelopment, ”he added during their meeting with the Kenyan government at the Sarova Whitesands Beach Hotel in Mombasa.

Mr. Wang said , China would want to work with other countries that are friendly to African countries to eradicate poverty and underdevelopment and to contribute to Africa’s pursuit of independent and sustainable development.

The Chinese Minister said China will continue to strengthen and deepen cooperation with African countries.

He added that China will continue to support Kenya to realize industrialization and modernization faster.

“Our commitment is to be Africa’s good friend and partner. Our bilateral relations have become a good example of solidarity, cooperation and mutual Development between China and Africa. We will continue to support each other, “he added.

Mr. Wang said China will donate a billion vaccines to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As a friend of Africa, China will never be idle. The vaccines are delivered to every corner of Africa where there is a need. We announced another 10 million doses of vaccine to Kenya. In the face of various acts of power politics, China and Africa will defend international justice and fairness, ”said Wang.