Feb 4, 2023

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Kenya electoral body to blot out 1.18 million voters from register

At least 1.18 million voters will be deregistered ahead of the August 9 elections in Kenya.

This comes after a preliminary audit report by KPMG found several anomalies in the 22.5 million raw voter database voters had uncovered.

The number includes 246,465 dead voters, 481,711 voters registered multiple times, and 226,143 voters registered with an invalid ID card.

Another 164,269 voters were registered with invalid ID documents , i.e. H. either ID cards or passports.

During a press conference in Bomas on Wednesday evening, the chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC), Mr. Wafula Chebukati said they would receive the final audit report on June 16 before a day later they would involve stakeholders for the final electoral roll.

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“As you may know, on April 7, 2022, the Commission commissioned KPMG to conduct an audit of the electoral roll while continuous voter registration was underway,” said Mr. Chebukati.

“The Commission received a preliminary audit report with useful information, including 246,465 deceased voters, 481,711 duplicate records and 226,143 voters registered with ID cards they do not validly own, 164,269 with voter records

Consequently, the Commission will postpone the publication of the electoral roll from the planned June 9th to June 20th Postpone June. This is intended to give the electoral authority more time to deal with the findings from the audit report before the register is published.

“Previously, the Commission announced that it would certify the electoral register by June 9, 2022 and to publish register, the Commission has decided to look at the results before the register is certified for publication on/or before June 20, 2022,” he said.

Last week, Deputy President William Ruto, who is a presidential candidate, raised concerns about missing details on about a million voters from his strongholds, claiming they could have been wiped off the register.

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He linked the developments to an alleged plan to intervene in the August 9 elections in favor of his rival Chebukati zer allayed fears over the claims, which reassured Kenyans that the register was secure and had not been tampered with.

The Electoral Commission chief said they had 19.6 million voters in 2017, but that number is up to 22.5 million voters.

“We don’t have statistics on the missing voters on the register you’re talking about. If they have such data, we kindly advise them to visit us at one of our registration centers and we will take care of them,” said Mr. Chebukati.

“However, I want to be clear that the data on registered voters is intact. I want to reassure the Kenyans that the register is intact and secure and that there has been no breach,” he added.


KPMG’s Head of Advisory Services, Gerald Kasimu, said, they would have made a selection of recommendations that need to be addressed first before the final register can be published.

He explained that some of the recommendations can be implemented immediately, while others need more time for investigation.< /p>

Mr Kasimu pointed out that some of the issues they are dealing with include relocation complaints, where certain constituents have expressed concerns about being relocated from areas where they had registered to areas being moved to in which they did not want to vote.

“We have identified these areas of concern and expect to be able to confirm by the time our final Commission report is published that we are on track with the implementation of the VO We are satisfied with the recommendations given to us,” he said.