Dec 4, 2022

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Kenyan poacher extradited to US pleads guilty in New York court

A Kenyan extradited to the US for trafficking in rhinoceros horn and ivory has pleaded guilty to the charges in a New York court.

Mr Abubakar Mansur Mohammed Surur aka Mansour was extradited in January and previously brought before a New York Southern Circuit court charged with conspiring to traffic in horns and ivory of the endangered wildlife species.

Mr Surur was arrested on July 29 at Mombasa’s Moi International Airport after he had landed on a chartered flight from Yemen.

The head of the prosecutor’s office, Noordin Haji, immediately filed a request for detention pending extradition after receiving a request from the American government and simultaneously requested the arrest and surrender of Mr. Badru Abdul Aziz , his co-conspirator.

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< p>“Surur also pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute heroin to a located buyer in the United States,” said Mr. Damian Williams, US Attorney for Ney for the Southern District of New York, in a statement.< /p>

Mr. Williams found that Mr. Surur and his accomplices were responsible for promoting an industry that illegally slaughters species protected by international treaties around the world.

< p>” One of these defendants was also involved in a narcotics conspiracy involving a large amount of heroin. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration, these defendants have now pleaded guilty to their serious and destructive crimes,” the statement added.

Mr. Surur was involved in the illegal poaching of more than 35 rhinos and more than 100 elephants involved. His two co-defendants, Moazu Kormah of Liberia and Amara Cherif of Guinea, pleaded guilty to the charges in March.

The accused were members of an involved transnational criminal enterprise based in Uganda and surrounding countries the large-scale trafficking and smuggling of rhinoceros horns and elephant ivory.

Mr Surur and two others were previously charged with money laundering and involvement in a conspiracy to distribute more than 10kg of heroin. He was accused of conspiring to distribute and possess more than 25 pounds of heroin to a New York-based buyer.

Trade in endangered or threatened species violates Kenyan and US laws Laws , as well as international treaties.

Another Kenyan, Badru Abdul Aziz Saleh, is in custody awaiting extradition, while an accomplice, also a Kenyan, Abdi Hussein Ahmed, has a bounty on his head of up to $1 million is still at large for its capture.

“In total, the estimated average retail value of the rhino horn involved in the conspiracy was at least approximately $3.4 million, and the estimated The average retail value of the elephant ivory involved in the conspiracy was at least approximately $4 million,” the statement said.

The suspects exported the Rhino horns and the elephant ivory for delivery to foreign buyers, including certain buyers who were represented in Manhattan. The shipment was hidden in a package that allegedly contained artworks such as African masks and statues.