Sep 19, 2021

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Kenyatta’s EAC agenda: Admit more countries to regional bloc

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta wants the East African Community to expand to include the states of Central, North and South Africa.

The Kenyan Head of State, the current Chairman of the EAC, wants this enlargement to be his legacy at . forms the regional block. He is proposing some changes to the Fellowship Treaty to include new members, said Adan Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary at the Ministry of EAC and Regional Development. There are a few things that President Kenyatta has expressed his strong views on. One of these is expanding our marketplace so that goods and services across East Africa have access to larger and broader markets. In this context, the acceptance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is being examined ”, said the CS, the chairman of the EAC Council of Ministers.

President Kenyatta took over the chairmanship of the EAC from Paul. from Rwanda Kagame during a Summit of Heads of State or Government on February 27, 2021 of 2022, using the recommendations of a report from the Review Mission conducted by the EAC Secretariat.

The other countries on the waiting list are Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan.

“But, if necessary, the summit of [heads of state] can meet and make a decision,” said Mohamed.

The expansion plan would if implemented , Changes to the founding treaty of 1999 entail the EAC.

“The only major problem that we can hope to resolve during this period is to address issues that have impaired the smooth operation of the community”, Mohamed said, “This community and the rules that govern it were founded when there were only three countries, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. And since then we’ve moved and grown in six countries – possibly seven -“

President Kenyatta is also interested in the changes to the contract sections on membership, the financial obligations and contributions of the partner states, the decision-making processes and the common market protocol.

The decisions would only be possible if all EAC -Partner states at the next summit, which is scheduled for the end of this year.

According to the minister, President Kenyatta also wants to see the border blockades between Uganda and Rwanda, Burundi and Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan resolved. < / p>

“A number of incidents of uncertainty have been reported in South Sudan. The EAC is trying its best to secure the highway to Juba and other areas where the trucks run, “he said.

” One of the most important things President Kenyatta wants is to make sure as EAC we are united. Any problem affecting Member States is likely to undermine regional integration, ”said Mohamed. “For example, the sanctions against Burundi are some of the key issues that he has spoken about very strongly as they will undermine the integration process.” / p>

“Due to this obligation, Kenya has waived the visa requirement for South Sudan.”

Kenya would also like to prioritize the formation of opinions on the fourth pillar of the EAC, the Political Federation. Other pillars of the EAC are the customs union and the monetary union.

“Financing is another issue. We need to consider whether the model of funding community activities, where previous partners have paid equal amounts, needs to be reviewed on the basis of solvency, ”said Mohamed.