Oct 18, 2021

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Kiir names more MPs, fulfils provision in 2018 peace deal


The South Sudanese President Salva Kiir appointed 28 more MPs from the other political parties (OPP) who took part in the restoration of the national parliamentary term months ago / p>

The selection was made in response to the provision of the 2018 Peace Agreement, which provides for the reconstitution of national legislation from 400 to 550 MPs.

Among the appointees is the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Affairs and Disaster Management, Peter Mayen recently dismissed from his OPP chairmanship by coalition members.

Delay in appointment

In May after waiting for more than a year President Kiir issued a decree to reconstitute the Transitional National Legislative Assembly.

The order included members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), the National Agenda, the Democratic Change (DC) Party, the Sudan Peop le’s Liberation Movement -In Opposition (SPLM-IO), South Sudanese Opposition Alliance (SSOA.)), Other Opposition Parties (OPP) and Former Prisoners (FDs).

Fifty members of the OPP have been appointed – a correct allocation, as stipulated in the peace agreement. However, President Kiir later revoked some of the appointments.

This came in response to complaints from some party members that the original list of candidates for president was drawn up unilaterally by Mayen, then party chairman .

The coalition leaders said the appointments did not represent the six parties of the OPP.

Following Kiir’s new appointments, some coalition members on Monday morning criticized Kiir for appointing Minister Mayen as MP on the OPP ticket, but it was canceled earlier this month.

They wondered how Kiir chose the new lawmakers.