May 28, 2022

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Mbudya: A perfect island for snorkeling, scuba diving

If you find yourself in Dar es Salaam with money and time, head to Mbudya Beach Island.

You will need a guide as it is off the beaten path.

p>< p>You can only access the island via a 15 minute boat ride, a service provided by local boat operators at White Sands Beach Resort in Mbezi or at the Msasani Slipway area.

Tanzanian citizens and residents pay $8 to get to the island and foreigners are charged $20. It’s worth every penny for pristine white-sand beaches and shimmering warm turquoise waters for swimming.

The island has a restaurant serving seafood and a variety of drinks under the shade of palm trees or thatched huts made from palm fronds.


It is a paradise for snorkeling at low tide as well as scuba diving to see the rich marine life up close.

Mbudya island is a protected marine reserve and according to the tour guide Kalunde, unlicensed cameras and Drones are not allowed there.

However, the use of smartphones for personal pictures is allowed. Fishing and human settlement are also prohibited, with limited access for tourism and research activities to protect the island’s delicate fauna from coral mining, fishing and human settlement.