Oct 23, 2021

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Mechanic makes jokes and a new career comedian

Moses Kiboneka, also known as Uncle Mo, says comedy is an alternative when work in his garage stalled due to disruption from Covid-19 last year. Little did he know that five months later he was going to be a comedy sensation in Uganda.

He said the lockdown left him inactive as customers didn’t bring their cars for repairs.

< Uncle Mo had already written a number of scripts for his comedy skits. After reading it, a friend offered to do his skits.

You may have come across a sketch by a mechanic in faded gray overalls that sheds light on the serious and sometimes painful developments or news events in Uganda. sometimes leaning against one under a car or in a garage.

Uncle Mo’s sketches cover Uganda and beyond. Some of his fans call him Uganda’s Trevor Noah. His earliest influence was American comedian and television presenter Jay Leno and Jon Stewart, who was formerly of The Daily Show.

“Jay Leno could talk about things that were happening, but he could come up with a new comedic light he was my earliest influence. “

One of his most popular segments is Museveni’s New Cabinet: The Fisherman’s Story, in which he talks about the recent appointments of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

He starts the section by denouncing the media hyperbole saying cabinet positions went from 79 to 80. Then he introduces the newly added Ministry number 80 – the Ministry of the Elderly. < / p>

“I don’t do it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think the elderly are already well represented in the Ugandan cabinet. They didn’t need a special minister,” says Uncle Mo.

He ve It uses hilarious innuendos, metaphors, scenarios and interludes.

Kiboneka’s comedy encompasses political, social, cultural and economic awareness. He satirizes events of public interest, such as the law recently passed by a Kenyan judge that made housewives a paid position. He says: “Housewives in Kenya will now have the opportunity to use fancy statements like ‘I have to delete my to-do list before business hours’, ‘My boss is driving me crazy’, ‘I didn’t get it’ a company T-shirt, ‘I’m in between jobs’. “

Uncle Mo says he came on stage at a time when people in all art forms were using life hacks, cooking videos, dance videos and all Release types of content to be trending.

“Since I wanted to start from scratch, I needed to get something unique. It was risky though.

“I also wanted to do comedy sketches with an international reach that talked about things that are generally relevant to people outside Uganda,” he said.

Kiboneka’s comedy journey is unintentional; he says he had planned to shoot his segments in a setting similar to The Daily Show in the US. He’d even identified a friend’s office that he thought was fancy enough to be used for filming. But on the day of filming, his friend changed his mind and told him to “go and do your filming in your garages”

And just then Kiboneka decided to shoot his sketches in his garage in his overalls. This is how “Makanika from Kireka” was born.

Kiboneka works in real life as a mechanic, in the garage he shoots out of. He has two concurrent degrees – Mechanical Engineering from Kyambogo University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics from Makerere University.

After school, he worked in the Enyange workshop in Kireka, where he worked in the last 10 years.

Kiboneka’s talent only became known in July 2020 through the skits he published on his YouTube channel I am Uncle Mo, although he has been writing comedic skits and plays for many years.

“A few months later, I thought of quitting. I didn’t see enough traction. Then I made a video and it generated a lot of views.

Less than a year after its launch, the comedian has more than 17,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and a lot of views.

He started earning from YouTube last December.

He has also started promoting brands, which is another source of income besides income from YouTube.

The Ugandan Society , Politics, culture and personalities are fodder for comedy to deal with the ugly politics of the country, the disillusionment of the youth and other socio-economic ills, young people have devoted themselves to comedy in order to be able to deal with their unpleasant realities.

Corruption, moral decline, elections, poverty, collapse of public services, tribalism, nepotism are among the most common topics covered in most comedy content in Uganda.

Kiboneka is pleased that he through his comedy Diantic light can make people laugh by talking about the very harsh realities they go through every day.