Dec 9, 2022

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Meet election deadline for smooth transition, South Sudan urged


South Sudan’s Peace Monitoring Authority has appealed to the revived Transitional Legislative Assembly to urgently enact legislation aimed at meeting the deadlines set in the revived 2018 peace accord for the to honor elections.

While an awareness workshop on the peace accord was officially held in Juba on Tuesday, General Charles Tai Gituai, the interim chairman of the revived Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC), urged the revived National Assembly to set priorities and focus on legislative preparations for the electoral processes.

Maj Gen Gituai said this would ensure adequate legislation that ensures the electoral process is carried out within the deadlines.

” I would like to stress to you that members of the R-TNLA, the importance of a community-led and owned He said I take this opportunity to remind you of the critical role your institution plays in ensuring that the necessary legislation is passed so that this process can begin swiftly.”

Maj Gen Gituai stressed that it There are concerns among the parties to the peace agreement and peace partners about how the outstanding tasks of the peace agreement will be implemented during the remainder of the transition period.

“I urge the R-ARCSS parties to continue to focus on the to build peace dividends achieved, to honor their commitments to peace, to take steps to mend broken relationships, to build mutual trust, ei “Turning a new page and imprinting the necessary political will to move the country towards lasting peace and stability,” he began.

In a workshop attended by 550 members of the R-TNLA, appealed the peace body to the legislators to better understand the peace agreement and critical ta ks had to be reached.

Over time, South Sudan has yet to have a unified professional national army and a hybrid court and a truth and form a reconciliation commission.