Oct 21, 2021

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Mozambique forces kill opposition rebel leader

The leader of a rebel faction from Renamo, Mozambique’s largest opposition party, was killed by the army.

Mozambique’s Defense and Security Forces (FDS) announced on Monday that Mariano Nhongo, the leader of a rebel, had been the hardliners -Faction of the National Resistance of Mozambique (Renamo) was killed fighting the forests in which he was hiding.

Nhongo, a hardliner leader, had refused, despite local and international efforts to demilitarize Mozambique Lay down arms. Just last week, President Filipe Nyusi said the FDS had turned to Renamo to see Nhongo’s surrender.

Renamo had waged a 16-year war against the ruling party for the liberation of Mozambique (Frelimo) until 1992 and was then the main opposition party in the country. However, there are still armed fighters.

There have been three peace agreements between Frelimo and Renamo since 1992. All of them were not fully implemented, the last being signed in August 2019.

Nhongo and his men left Renamo after Ossufo Momade was elected their president.

Nhongo was accused , behind small attacks on the population in the central provinces of Sofala and Manica, which claimed 30 lives.

Before his death, he declined to meet with Renamo’s leadership for talks.

< He also repeatedly asked President Nyusi will sign a new peace agreement, calling the one he signed with Momade in August 2019 ineffective.