Jun 26, 2022

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NMG partners with venture capital firm to grow digital content

Nation Media Group (NMG) has partnered with venture capital firm (VC) Antler East Africa to leverage their expertise in identifying and promoting innovative digital content.

This is part of Nairobi Securities Exchange- public company’s multi-pronged growth strategy.

NMG launched its flagship digital brand – www.nation.africa – in September 2020 to capitalize on changing consumer habits by transforming itself to accelerate its digital transformation.

The company continued to go digital over the past year by launching a premium section of the site where users pay a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly fee to access the access high-quality exclusive content from NMG.

NMG Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Oliver August said the partnership will help the company thrive on a major Pool of talented individuals working on innovative ideas in the field of digital content.

“The idea of ​​collaborating with Antler came from the strategic realization that NMG’s future will be par with others,” said Mr. August.

“We want to find new products offered by digital technology that we can offer to our customers. For that we need people who understand how to create completely new digital content or products from scratch, and that is Antler’s strength.”

Antler invests in start-ups, supports the companies in the validating and deploying business models a global platform to scale their operations.

Antler has invested in more than 400 companies in over 30 industries including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones and fintech.

These are innovators that NMG aims to leverage to drive the generation of new and unique digital content and products for its broad audience.

NMG Head of Strategy and Innovation, Max Okeyo, said Antler will help the company access innovators who create products that fill the gaps in the market that the media organization wants to fill.