May 27, 2022

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President Kenyatta urges rebels to work with Tshisekedi for peace in DRC – VIDEO

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated his call for the armed groups in the DRC to lay down their arms and work with President Félix Tshisekedi for peace and stability.

Rebel groups have been at war in eastern DRC, resulting in loss of life and property and displacement of local people.

DR Congo recently joined the bloc as the seventh member.

Last week, leaders of the East African Community urged the armed groups to choose dialogue, with some of the groups in should meet Nairobi to begin talks.

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AU, UN endorse new reg ional Peace Proposal in DRC

EAC leaders also agreed to deploy a regional force to quell further violence in eastern DRC A move backed by the African Union and the United Nations.

Talks between Tshisekedi envoys and representatives of armed groups ended after five days in Nairobi on Wednesday.

The negotiators will meet again in the coming days ahead of the next conclave to assess the Heads of State of the East African Community, scheduled for late May.

During a virtual inter-Congolese peace dialogue Wednesday night after the talks, President Kenyatta said: “Without laying down arms and forging an unbreakable national pact to bring the fruits of Wo Securing the hlstands you all deserve from the teeming wealthy foundations will remain elusive.”

“That makes it urgent for all people of good will in the DRC to band together and frantically lay a foundation for prosperity by working tirelessly for a lasting peace,” the President told the people of DR Congo.

“The historic Call our brothers’ keepers is a bell that has rang and to which Kenya keeps responding. We will not slack in your pursuit of peace for prosperity. That is why we have turned to you, our brothers, our sisters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

President Kenyatta likened Kenya’s promotion of peace dialogue to the traditional drummer who Elders are calling the village square to help resolve issues that threaten the peace.

He also thanked President Tshisekedi and the armed groups for taking the call followed to the dialogue and encouraged them to use their efforts to bring peace to the DRC.

In English and Kiswahili, President Kenyatta called on the parties of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to follow the example of Kenya, where he and his historical adversary Raila Odinga made peace.

Tshisekedi thanked the panelists, adding that “all who path of peace have chosen on mic h can count.”

Nearly 30 delegates representing armed groups from Ituri, North and South Kivu attended the talks, which were also attended by observers from Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, among others ICGLR, the United States and France. Those who didn’t make it to Nairobi can join the process at the next meeting.

The majority agreed to lay down arms, while some asked to be given more time to confront themselves with the conditions set out, but expressed their willingness to join hands in building their country.

– Additional reporting by Patrick Ilunga