Mar 22, 2023

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President Mohamud: Somalia severely affected by drought


Somalia’s new President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has urged citizens to get involved and help those who have been severely affected by the drought in the country, particularly the internally displaced in camps.

“I urge all Somalis, wherever they are, to come to the aid of the drought-affected people and share everything we have with them,” he said.


“Our youth in the camps need all the basics like education,” he added.

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He urged also called on international partners to help save those in need.

President Mohamud spoke Wednesday after visiting several camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in and u m had visited the city of Baidoa, the transitional capital of the southwestern state, 240 km southwest of the capital Mogadishu.

The camps are home to thousands of people who fled their homes due to threats from the jihadist group Al-Shabaab as well as the devastating Drought currently affecting many parts of the Horn of Africa region.

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The IDPs said there was a lack of food and water in many parts of the countryside, prompting them to move around to seek help.

Mohamud, who became president on May 15 arrived in the city of Baidoa on Tuesday as part of a tour of federal member states to get a first-hand picture of the situation inland.

On Tuesday, Adam Abdelmoula, the top humanitarian representatives of United Nations for Somalia, said an immediate response is needed to control a drought that is affecting 7.1 million people, including 370,000 severely malnourished children.

He also warned of an increased risk of hunger .

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In March, the UN warned that the Horn of Africa “experienced the worst drought since 1981” and a lack of aid funds is putting the lives of millions of Somalis at risk. The situation has been made worse by conflict.

The UN and its partners have called for more funding for urgent humanitarian assistance.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA ). Somalia is currently one of the most drought-affected countries in the Horn of Africa. “Some 4.5 million Somalis are directly affected by the drought and some 700,000 people have been displaced,” it said.

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During the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) the drought in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, attributed primarily to three consecutive rainy seasons, “deprives children and their families of a home, a meal, a classroom and access to life-saving health services”.

– Additional reporting by Valerie Koga