Jan 20, 2022

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President Samia hints at a cabinet reshuffle, tells off critics

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan gave the closest hint on Tuesday that she would soon reshuffle the cabinet.

Address during the publication of the “Report on Development Spending for National Welfare and the Fight Against Covid-19 “” President Samia, who appeared dissatisfied with criticism of the country’s debt, urged those opposed to borrowing and the country’s development plans to stop before they crack the whip.

She joined the Criticism with the elections’ 2025. Fever Policy “and said it would focus on development rather than early presidential elections.

” I’ve been in office for eight months now. I said I am learning you and you are learning me and my performance, “said President Samia at the Dar es Salaam State House.

” The day I last reshuffled, I did just made a few changes. But I would like to inform you that I will publish a new list soon. ”

The head of state said she had given government officials, including district officials, state secretaries and ministers, ample time to carry out their duties without that interference.

But she was now concerned that while some were focused on their government plans, others were intent on destroying them from within.

“With those I was with think they can continue to work together, I will continue to work with them, especially in the interest of Tanzanians.

“But those who I think their dreams are elsewhere and are working with their main focus on 2025, I want to let them go so that they can prepare well outside. Because if I keep them in my government it will only bother them. Let me give you the chance to go outside where we will meet on this trip, “she said amid the insults of those present.

President Samia added that the government will not stop, Borrowing for development as it would benefit Tanzanians.

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In a barely disguised attack on the Speaker of Parliament Job Ndugai, after remarks that the current government borrowing was unsustainable, defended her loan plans by saying it was prudent and sustainable.

“Borrowing did not start today. It started after independence. We have gone through the IMF’s structural adjustment programs to date, where we can borrow and service our debts at the same time, “she added.

” Borrowing is a must. When you borrow, you are pumping money into the economy. When the money circulates in the country, the people benefit. “

She added that borrowing is sustainable as Tanzania only takes out low-interest loans and repays them in a structured manner.

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Speaking in the same capacity, Vice President Philip Mpango said that Tanzania is one of the countries that has theirs Economy provides access to credit from international institutions, so it will borrow for development and not the other way around.

The Vice President stated that the 1.3 trillion shilling of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan to Tanzania has proven to be very productive ies and will help improve access to society services for citizens.



    < li> For the past four years, Tanzania has syndicated loans to advance its infrastructure plans.
  • In August 2017, the company applied for a loan of $ 500 million for five years with Credit Suisse Bank and returned two Back on the market years later for a $ 1 billion syndicated loan from the Commerce and Development Bank.
  • Since President Samia took office in March 2021, the country has over $ 3 in debt Billions of dollars received, including discounted loans and relief funds from the World Bank, the IMF and the African Development Bank.
  • According to the World Bank’s October 2021 report, Tanzania was listed and heard as one of the countries with stable economies not to the countries that do not grant credit.