Nov 28, 2021

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Rwanda ramps up jab campaign, inoculates travellers at bus stations

Rwanda has run its Covid-19 vaccination campaign at all public bus stations in the capital, Kigali, to encourage more people to vaccinate.

The vaccines are also available at and above all health centers across the country The age of 18 is eligible to be vaccinated.

Health Minister Daniel Ngamije said the country had decided to increase vaccination stations after trying to reduce the Covid-19 vaccination rate in Kigali for two weeks of 93 percent.

“The Vaccination Steering Committee has thought outside the box and decided on a catch-up plan to meet customers near bus stations in Kigali. The number of visitors is unbelievable, “tweeted Dr. Daniel Ngamije on Thursday.

Since vaccination was introduced at bus stations on Wednesday, the number of people who have received a first dose has increased from fewer than 68,000 people a day in the US in the past few weeks vaccinated more than 239,000 people in one day.

As part of the ongoing vaccination campaign, over 5,227,250 people received their first vaccination, while 2,850,430 people were fully vaccinated.

“I had took my first syringe three weeks ago, but due to intensive studies I hadn’t found time for the second dose. I took it yesterday when I was going to travel. It was very convenient, ”said Jeremy Dukundane, a university student who benefited from the campaign.

The current campaign is focused on making sure residents get their second shot.

Rwanda has that. has already exceeded the WHO global target in Africa of vaccinating 40 percent of the population with at least one dose. The country is now working to fully vaccinate 30 percent of its 12.9 million population, or 3,870,000 people, by December 2020.

The Ministry of Health recently confirmed that Rwanda is considering people with suppressed immune systems such as the elderly People and people with pre-existing conditions.

In the past three months, Rwanda has received more than 3 million doses of vaccine from various donors, including China, Greece, Belgium, the UK and Italy. Some vaccines were also purchased through the COVAX initiative and other doses were purchased through the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust.

As the economy reopened and the country allowed concerts, sporting events, and social gatherings until midnight, the Covid-19 vaccine and negative test results have become mandatory.

Companies are currently working until midnight. All social and public gatherings are allowed and are open to vaccinated and tested people.

Rwanda had registered a total of 100,183 Covid-19 infections by Wednesday, of which 310 cases were active. The infection rate was consistently below 1 percent in the past two months. The virus killed 1,338 people.