Sep 21, 2021

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Shun political discord for stability, UN tells Somali leaders


The United Nations Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed called on Sunday according to Somali political leaders to avoid political discord that could jeopardize the achievements made in the country.

Mohammed, who paid a full-day visit to Mogadishu, said Somalia had its ongoing Electoral process and called on the heads of state and government to de-escalate the political tensions in the country.

“I was encouraged to hear the commitment of everyone I have met with to ensure that this momentum continues and the critical elections proceed as planned, “said the UN official, who also met President Mohamed Farmaajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Roble.

“I have confidence in Somalia’s leadership to de-escalate all tension and avoid action that could lead to violence and further delay the elections or undermine their credibility, “she adds. d.


Somalia is currently holding elections for its House of Lords and is preparing for elections for its House of Commons Promotion of the country’s elections used.

During the visit, Mohammed expressed his solidarity with the demands of Somali women for full and equal participation in political life and the support of the international Community for timely, inclusive, peaceful and credible elections.

She highlighted the country’s parliamentary elections as an opportunity to build on advances in women’s political participation and that the complete Einbe The attraction of women to all sectors of society will contribute to greater resilience, peace and stability.

“Somalia won its last election in 2016/17 with 24 pro. A milestone reached percent of parliamentary seats held by women, and I hope the country will build on that by increasing women’s participation – adhering to the 30 percent quota is an important first step towards full representation and an inclusive society. The peace dividend will not exist without women, “said Mohammed.