Dec 8, 2022

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Somali terror couple jailed for 15 years

A Somali couple was convicted by a military court in the capital Mogadishu of terrorist activities under the arm of the Islamic State (IS) in Somalia.

Dayib Moalim Hassan and his wife Halima Abdi Mursal were on Thursday who are said to have worked for the Daesh terrorist group under the pseudonyms Mustaf and Hawa. They were each sentenced to 15 years in prison.

They were arrested by Somali security agents in March this year, along with materials and equipment to assemble explosive devices.

The court found that Mr Hassan was put in charge of assembling the explosive devices, while his wife Mursal was in charge of recruitment.

Prosecutors told the court that the couple used false names, Mustafa and Hawa. The suspects had told the court that their jihadist boss arranged their marriage under those names.

The lawyers defending the couple asked for clemency. The verdict, read by Chief Justice Mohamed Abdi Mumin, sentenced both to 15 years in prison.