Dec 9, 2022

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Somalia election: First 10 list to vie for presidency

Ten candidates in Somalia’s presidential campaign received their certificates on Sunday, the first of three registration days after completing the mandatory election conditions.

At the seat of the Upper House of Parliament in the capital, Mogadishu, the Former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was the first to receive his certificate, followed by ex-Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

Mr Ahmed, the seventh President of Somalia, who served from 2009 to 2012, used Twitter to share his certificate to make notice. “I have officially registered as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for May 15, 2022.”

Other candidates who have submitted their documents and proof of payment of voting fees are the former Galmudug State President Abdikarim Hussein Guled, MP Abdulkadir Osoble and ex-Minister Abdirahman Abdishakur.

Dahir Mohamud Gelle, Bashir Haji Ali, Abdullahi Ali Hassan, Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed and Abdirahman Ahmed Ablaal complete the List of the first ten candidates.


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The certificates were issued by Abdigani Ghelleh Mohamed, signed by the chairman of the parliamentary task force that will conduct the elections and handed over the heavily delayed election on May 15.

Farmaajo candidacy

This year the field is expected to be crowded, i.e a more candidates register on Monday and Tuesday. The candidates will face off against incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, who officially announced his candidacy for a second term on Sunday.

“I am fully committed to continuing on the path of progress and development. That’s why I’m seeking a second term as president to continue the successful transformation of our country,” he said on Twitter Parliament on May 11-12.

In Somalia’s bicameral federal parliament, the upper house (senate) has 54 members, while the lower house has 275 members. These MPs sit together in a joint session to vote the president by secret ballot.

What are the requirements for presidential candidates?

  • < strong>Age: 40 or older
  • Nationality: citizen
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Election Fees:Pay $40,000
  • From at least 20 legislatures or at least one of the five federal states – Jubbaland, Puntland, South West, Hirshabelle and Galmudug – are suggested.
  • Have knowledge and experience relevant to the position.
  • Not from a high crime court.