Sep 21, 2021

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Somalia’s Farmaajo appoints embattled spy chief as his security advisor

Somalia’s President Mohamed Farmaajo has named embattled former intelligence chief Fahad Yasin as his senior national security advisor.

Mr Yasin, the head of the National Intelligence and Service Agency (NISA), is at the center of a controversy surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a spy agent.


Farmaajo’s spokesman Abdirashid M. Hashi said Tuesday that the president had “accepted” Mr. Yasin’s resignation and reinstated him.

Yasin Abdullahi Mohamud, the head of NISA in the Banadir region (the capital Mogadishu and the surrounding area), has been appointed deputy director of NISA.

The decree did not refer to the missing agent Ikran Tahlil , however, stated that the President had acted in the interests of the development and stabilization of the security sector by making the changes om the former NISA director. ”

Mr. Yasin is on the watch over the disappearance of Ms. Tahlil in June, who, according to NISA, was kidnapped and killed by Al-Shabaab last week.

Her family rejected the NISA statement and the militants denied the allegations.

Prime Minister Hussein Roble suspended Yasin on Saturday. Hours later, Farmaajo lifted the suspension.


Following Mr Yasin’s resignation, Mr Roble accused Farmaajo on Wednesday of jeopardizing the investigation into the disappearance of 25-year-old Tahlil. < / p>

Although the president’s spokesman said Mr Yasin had resigned, Prime Minister Roble said he welcomed “the president’s move to accept the suspension”.

In a statement on Tuesday, Somalia shared International Partners (SIP), a grouping of large multilateral organizations and a number of countries, expressed concern that the controversy over the disappearance of Ms. Tahlil is creating political tensions that could affect the functioning of the Somali federal government and disrupt the electoral process.

The signatories of the SIP letter include the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“We urge Somali leaders to de-escalate the political confrontation related to this investigation and, in particular, to avoid any acts that could lead to violence,” the statement said.

“We call for them Call on Somali leaders to work together to implement the May 27 [2021] election agreement. ”