Sep 19, 2021

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Sudan floods kill over 80 people, official says

Floods following heavy rains in Sudan have killed more than 80 people and damaged or destroyed tens of thousands of homes, an official said Monday.

“A total of 84 people were killed and 67 others injured in 11 states across Sudan since the beginning of the rainy season, “said Abdel Jalil Abdelreheem, spokesman for Sudan’s National Council for Civil Defense.

The deaths were caused by drowning, electrocution and house collapse, he added. In Sudan, 8,408 homes were also destroyed and more than 27,200 damaged.

Torrential rains typically fall between June and October in Sudan, and the country faces severe flooding every year, devastating property, infrastructure and crops.

The United Nations estimates that heavy rains and floods have affected about 102,000 people since July.

Nearly 50 villages in South Sudan have been flooded and about 65,000 people displaced, including South Sudanese refugees whose camp was flooded, the UN said in a report last week.

Last year, heavy rains forced Sudan to declare a three-month state of emergency after at least 650,000 people were flooded and more than 110,000 homes were damaged or have been destroyed.