Feb 9, 2023

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Tanzania bans Diamond’s video over ‘disrespectful’ content

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Tanzania (TCRA) on Friday banned the video of Diamond Platnumz’ song “Mtasubiri” from all local broadcast and digital channels.

The video featuring Zuchu released about a month ago , has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube.

TCRA said the video had “disrespectful church choir scenes”.

“There is a clip in this video that shows the two of them that Singing in a church choir then goes somewhere else. This part has sparked a not-so-good debate among certain religious people. [It] shows disrespect for certain religious denominations,” read the statement, signed by TCRA Director General Jabiri Bakari artists Nassib Abdul aka Diamond Platnumz and Zuhura Othuman Soud aka Zuchu – remove the disrespectful scene from the clip.

The move comes a few days after Diamond Platnumz’s YouTube account was hacked. YouTube blocked the channel after the hackers posted inappropriate content that “violated community standards”. The suspension was later lifted.