Jan 20, 2022

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Tanzania’sNational Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai resigns

Tanzania’s National Assembly spokesman Job Ndugai bowed to mounting pressure from the ruling CCM party to resign on Thursday.

This followed President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s public rejection of his apology over recent borrowing statements of the country.


The speaker apologized to the President on Monday for previously saying that the country was in danger of being auctioned because of its growing foreign debt burden. < / p>

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In a press release, Ndugai said he has already submitted a formal resignation letter to the secretary general of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) sent to the Secretary of the National Assembly so that the process of appointing a new speaker can begin.

“This is a personal and voluntary decision and I have it in my mind ress of the nation, the government and my party (CCM.)) in the heart, ”he said in his three paragraph statement delivered at the Parliamentary Off. The icy newspaper was written.

The move comes due to mounting pressure from lower-level CCM executives across the country later this week.

At a public rally in Its Kongwa constituency in Dodoma, Ndugai questioned the country’s continued borrowing from outside sources, saying it was unsustainable. He suggested that the country borrow internally instead.

On Monday this week, he apologized for the comments and said they had been misinterpreted.

Ndugai said he did not intend to “disrespect” the Samia administration.

He also claimed that the video clip of his utterance, which went viral on social media and sparked a huge political backlash, was “smartly edited” was to get its core message of being less dependent on. misinterpreting external borrowing.

He said people were trying to use social media to “create an agenda out of nowhere and attack the current government by dragging me in as a spokesperson”. < / p>

Samia’s response

On Tuesday, President Samia appeared to be referring to him when she criticized those who criticized their government’s focus on seeking external credit to fund development projects, rather than them Raise funds locally by raising domestic taxes and expanding internal revenue streams. .

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President Samia said her government would not be discouraged to prioritize external loans over domestic taxes for important issues The fastest way to complete projects that are already on the way, like the Standard Gauge Railway and Julius Nyerere Hydropower projects.

“There are people who thought these projects would grind to a halt so they could say something would have. That will not happen. Nowhere is there a country that does not borrow – even the so-called developed countries have greater credit debts than ours. We will borrow, borrow and borrow to complete the projects we started, “she said.

President Samia also categorically stated that she no longer trusts Ndugai as a political ally amid the divisions that are taking place come to the top of the CCM well before the next parliamentary elections in 2025.

Amid growing pressure within the CCM for Ndugai to step down following this latest statement by the president, more and more outsiders have called for his protection the universal principle of separation of powers.

“Since Ndugai heads the legislature, primarily responsible for maintaining controls and the balance of the executive, his resignation on this particular matter would set a bad precedent,” said Edmund Msangi, a seasoned journalist and political commentator.

Ndugai’s resignation gives lawmakers the opportunity to elect a new president, we nn the parliament will begin its first session in the capital Dodoma in 2022 on February 1st

The House of Representatives is currently dominated by the ruling CCM party.