Feb 7, 2023

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Tundu Lissu finally gets his parliamentary dues

Chadema (Mainland) Vice-President Tundu Lissu said on Wednesday the government had paid him severance pay for his more than three years of service in parliament.

Lissu was ousted from his parliamentary seat on June 28 . 2019 for a variety of reasons, including failing to file assets and liabilities and failing to notify the speaker of his whereabouts.

At the time of his ouster, the politician was receiving medical treatment in Belgium, having been there in September Shot dead 16 times by unknown assailants at his apartment in Dodoma in 2017.

The suspects remain at large to this day.

Various efforts to trace his assets and medical bills have been ongoing for a long time were unsuccessful.

In February 2022, when he met with President Samia Suluhu Hassan in Belgium, Lissu said he had discussed the matter with the head of state and had been promised help.


He also asked President Samia to help him obtain a passport, which he said was accomplished within a short space of time.

On We Thursday, during a clubhouse meeting, Lissu said he had e received a call two months ago from someone at the Department of Finance and Planning telling him that the benefits he was claiming had been paid to a bank to which he owed money.

“I was on two Indebted to banks and was sued by one of those banks for failing to repay a loan that I had serviced with my parliamentary salary.

“He called me and said I would pay all my benefits as a result of my service had been paid in Parliament. So I can say that the problem is solved. Now I am out of debt and therefore free from the disorders I had,” Lissu said.

The government’s chief paymaster, Emmanuel Tutuba, said it was a normal procedure for the government to pay the Debts of employees and civil servants.

“When we pay, we send it to the accountant of the responsible institution. There is a parliamentary fund for a deputy. Money will be sent there. Even the medical bills are included there as well. If you go to Parliament, they have more information because they know who deserves it,” said the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

The parliamentary leadership was in favor of commenting on this one Matter unavailable.

Regarding the medical treatment, Lissu said, “I was sent a letter to write a letter requesting payment of my medical bills, and I have prepared a large amount of compensation, although I am still looking for documents because I have been treated in two countries – Kenya and Belgium.”

Lissu went into exile in Belgium after an attempt on his life four years ago when he was in was shot multiple times near Parliament in the capital Dodoma.

However, he was back in Tanzania to run for the 2020 presidential election but lost to John Pombe Magufuli.

Lissu left later exiled again.