Dec 7, 2022

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Uganda’s Kiira Motors in race against time

Uganda’s automotive startup Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) is trying to make up for lost time as full financing for the project is now available and the company has secured its first commercial orders.

Contractor National Enterprise Corporation puts the finishing touches on Jinja Assembly Plant. Tooling shipments for both the manufacturing facility and final assembly lines are expected to arrive in November.

The Treasury released $159 billion ($42 million) to KMC in mid-May, completing the Government allocated US$218 billion (US$58 million). ) financial commitment.

“Now that we have the resources, we are in full swing to make up for lost time. All contractors are committed and active on site and expect to start full-scale production next June,” said Chief Executive Paul Isaac Musasizi.

Construction of the core fabrication facility and the 30,000-square-foot quality certification and testing facility is underway .

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Mr Musasizi said the company has received 19 “expressions of interest” so far. for buses, three of which have been converted to firm orders. Sixteen of the orders are for the ultra-long-haul Kayoola diesel coach and three for the electric Kayoola EVS.

One of the orders for the Kayoola EVS is from Uganda Airlines.

Negotiations are ongoing with the Mitsubishi -Franchises to see if trucks and light commercial vehicles can be assembled locally by KMC.

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