Oct 21, 2021

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Uganda withdraws treason case against Kizza Besigye

The case of high treason against the former four-time Ugandan presidential candidate Kizza Besigye, who allegedly swore in as president after the controversial polls in 2016, has been withdrawn, the Daily Monitor has learned.

< The withdrawal took place in December 2019 during Judge Mike Chibita's reign as Director of the Public Prosecutor's Office (DPP), although it is not clear whether Dr. Besigye has been informed of the development.

“This is to inform the court that the director of the prosecution has decided to close the case against Rtd Col Kizza Besigye Kifefe, who is charged with high treason”, the resignation form signed by the DPP Chibita reads in part.

Sources said the form was filed with the Nakawa Court Registry, but no formal withdrawal process followed, with the court in the presence of the accused (en) was convened.

Efforts to get Dr. Reaching Besigye yesterday was in vain. However, one of the lawyers who represented him in the case, Mr. Ernest Kalibaala, said he was unaware of the developments.

He said the withdrawal could have been clandestinely.

“If it was withdrawn, I never saw the documentary, maybe it was done in secret. I heard about it the other day, “said Mr. Kalibaala.

” Usually the accused (Dr This doctor (Besigye) is unaware, “he added.

Origin of the If

The treason charge arose after a video clip of his alleged swearing-in went viral on social media May 11, 2016, just before President Museveni’s scheduled swearing-in for his fifth elected term.

< p> Dr charged again.

Dr. Besigye had refused to return to court because he was late in closing the investigation and referred him to the High Court.

“This matter has been going on for over eight months and it has been extremely restrictive for me. It is both time and resource consuming to move to this court on nowhere charges, “he said on his last court appearance in 2017. < / p>

“I would like to respectfully inform this court that I am not coming back. When investigations are finished, you can let me know. I will only return to this court as a prisoner if they arrest me, “he added.

Then DPP Chibita attributed the delays in completing the investigation to uncooperative witnesses allegedly involved in the swearing-in of Dr. Besigye refused to record statements to the police.

Report by Anthony Wesaka