Sep 25, 2022

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UK asylum seekers hide to avoid being sent to Rwanda

Aid agencies in the UK say some asylum seekers have gone into hiding fearing they will be sent to Rwanda, from where they will be resettled.

As part of the UK-Rwanda partnership signed last month people entering the UK illegally are extradited to Rwanda where their paperwork is processed.

The British Red Cross and the Refugee Council have warned that the threat of extradition to Africa has seen some of this asylum seekers are disappearing from hotels while others resort to self-harm, including attempted suicide.

Authorities are accusing the UK government of breaching its duty of care as some asylum seekers have refused to seek medical help from psychiatric services Fear they would be included in the programme.

The agencies’ report came a day after Great Britain tannien said the first asylum seekers to be relocated to Rwanda would be informed this week, with the first flights expected in the coming months.

The deal, released on April 14, con continues to raise dust, despite attempts by the UK and Rwanda to reassure critics that the policy is aimed at saving lives and preventing human trafficking.

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