Sep 25, 2022

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UN Security Council renews arms embargo, sanctions on South Sudan

The UN Security Council on Thursday renewed an arms embargo and sanctions on South Sudan amid ongoing unrest in the country.

A resolution drafted by the United States to extend the ban until May 2023 passed with a score of 10 out of 15 Votes, with Gabon, Kenya, India, Russia and China abstaining.

The embargo was imposed in 2018 after a peace deal ended five years of bloody civil war between factions loyal to President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar.

When the embargo was last extended a year ago, the authorities in South Sudan received a list of political and security-related conditions for the restrictions to be lifted or relaxed.


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Earlier this month, however, a UN panel of experts recommended that the embargo be lifted over continued c violations of ceasefire procedures, as well as the government’s importation of armored vehicles in violation of the ban.< /p>

And UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said further progress was needed on disarmament, demobilization and the reintegration of combatants.


A diplomatic source said Thursday The resolution passed includes a provision for a possible relaxation of restrictions on non-lethal military equipment if needed to fulfill the 2018 peace accord.

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The provision was lifted at the request of the three African members of the Security Council, Kenya, Gabon and Ghana, the diplomat a source said.

South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, has experienced chronic instability since gaining independence from Sudan in 2011.

The 2013-2018 war claimed nearly 400,000 dead and millions displaced.