Dec 9, 2021

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US pizza chain Papa John’s to open 60 outlets in Kenya and Uganda

The third largest pizza delivery restaurant in the worldPapa John’s International Inc plans to open 60 fast food restaurants in Kenya and Uganda from next year, as it announced on Tuesday.

The American pizza chain with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky said it would open stores under a partnership agreement with Kitchen Express, a subsidiary of AAH Limited, the majority shareholder of Hass Petroleum Group, which operates 140 gas stations in 10 African countries.

Under Under the agreement, Papa John’s, which operates 5,500 restaurants in 50 countries, will open branches in Hass Hotels in Kenya and Uganda, starting with Nairobi.

“The first branch in sub-Saharan Africa is Papa John’s great opportunity to keep our … promise and continue our global momentum as a brand, “said Amanda Clark, Chief Development Officer of Papa Johns, in a statement.

For Hate, the deal will help his non-fuel business. Oil marketers are increasingly trying to attract small, consumer-centric businesses to their properties, a model that, in addition to increasing fuel sales, should also bring them rental income.

In 2019, another oil marketer became Vivo Energy, operating under the Shell brand , under an agreement with the owners of the fast food franchise Kuku Foods East Africa Holdings a 50 percent stake in KFC in East Africa.

“We look forward to partnering with Papa Johns while it continues to expand around the globe, “said Abdinasir Ali Hassan, chairman of Kitchen Express and Hass Petroleum Group, in a statement.

Papa Johns was in the spotlight in 2018 after the founder and chairman of the pizza chain John Schnatter resigned hours after apologizing for using a racist slur on a conference call.

Schnatter was retired from his company as CEO in 2018 en ousted after making controversial comments on protests against the national anthem by NFL players, and later that year he was taped with the n-word racial slur during an internal sensitivity training conference call.

By the Establishment in Kenya will be Papa John’s, which has seen rapid growth in international markets in recent years, rival international brands that have already opened in Kenya, such as U.S. fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC), McDonald’s and Burger King.

Sandwich chain Subway, ice cream seller Cold Stone Creamery, Japanese company Toridoll and Domino’s Pizza recently opened more stores in Kenya.

These According to a study, global players are turning to growth markets like Africa, attracted by increasing disposable household incomes, rapid economic growth and a young population by McKinsey & Co .

Nairobi’s position as a hub for several multinational corporations has also attracted global restaurant chains.

In August, Papa John’s announced that its international unit will open 220 locations in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. It also acquired 60 locations in the UK.