Oct 19, 2021

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Zambia President Edgar Lungu collapses after ‘sudden dizziness’

Zambian President Edgar Lungu collapsed in the capital, Lusaka, during a national defense day on Sunday, local media reported.

Shortly thereafter, Cabinet Secretary Dr Reporter and State Television gave out to the local public and the international community to assure that President Lungu “is doing well and has continued to do his duty”.

Dr. Miti announced this while observing the 45th Day of Defense Forces commemoration and during the inauguration ceremony, the president felt a “sudden dizziness” but recovered immediately.

Mr Lungu is said to walk alone to his car and to the State House.

The Zambia leader had a similar experience in 2015 caused by an “esophageal disease”.

The four hour Defense Day ceremony took place in Lusaka’s Statute of Liberty on Independence Street held where the Defense Forces use their military capabilities.

President Lungu used the event to hold an inauguration ceremony honoring brave men and women in uniform.

Zambia is preparing for general election for May 12 August before.

President Lungu came to power in a by-election, that of Michael. Sata’s death was required in 2014.