Dec 8, 2022

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Activist, co-founder of online media Ubuntu, Eyasped Tesfaye arrested at his family house

The activist and co-founder of the Youtube channel Ubuntu, Eyasped Tesfaye, was arrested by the police at his parents’ house, his mother told the BBC Amharic. The former Semayawi party member was removed from his home yesterday after people raided his home, including men his mother identified as men in Addis Ababa police uniforms.

Eysaped’s mother , Teshalech Bulcha, said she was not disclosed why security forces arrested her son. She added, “They angrily replied to my questions about why he was arrested, so I still feared that our confrontation would disturb my son. “

Another Eysaped family member, who spoke to the BBC on condition of anonymity, said security forces from the Addis Ababa Police Department ransacked Eyasped’s family home and eventually took him ‘for questioning’ by the security forces stayed in the grounds of Eyasped’s house for hours, saying they were waiting for an order.

This family member, who insisted on remaining anonymous, suggested that Eyasped’s arrest was possibly state-related If necessary. For his part, his mother said, “I couldn’t get a search warrant and ask why our house was searched because of the state of emergency.” It also announced that after several hours of searching, security guards had confiscated Eyasped’s personal laptop and mobile phone.

Eyasped’s friend, who did not reveal his name for security reasons, told Addis Standard that he was is arrested at a police station in the Arada district. Eyasped did not appear in court until this news item was published.