Nov 28, 2021

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Addis Abeba city administration assures diplomatic community of city’s stability

– The city council of Addis Ababa informed the city-based ambassadors of the African, Asian and Pacific countries as well as members of the diplomatic community about the current national situation. Addis Ababa Peace and Security Bureau chief Kenea Yadeta (PhD) said, “Addis Ababa and the surrounding area are in a state of reliable peace,” accusing Western media, whom he did not mention by name, of spreading terror through propaganda . He assured the diplomatic community of the stability of the capital by saying: “The propaganda that is circulating in the Western media is in complete contradiction to the situation on the ground.”

Kenea told the diplomatic community: “The Security guards work “. in collaboration with the Federal Police, Republican Guard, Oromia Police and other federal security agencies to maintain peace and stability in the city. ”He also stated that more than 27,000 youth and civic armies are organized under a structure that is up to extends the lowest level of organization to maintain the peace and security of the city.

For his part, Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor and Head of Labor, Employment and Industrial Development Bureau Jantar Abay said: “We are working with the city council to have similar discussions with the city-based diplomatic community. According to the press office of the city of Addis Ababa, the diplomatic community was successfully informed of the tasks undertaken by the city administration to train and organize the public and the results of the operation to all woreda in the city.