Jan 27, 2022

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Addis Abeba University warns to take measures against graduate academics supporting TPLF; measures may included revocation of academic degrees

– The University of Addis Ababa (AAU) has warned academics not to act in support of the TPLF. The university said the measures could include the revocation of degrees from those who support the TPLF.

The university also condemned “the TPLF’s atrocities against innocent people and its conspiracy to destroy the country”. According to state broadcaster EBC.

Several graduate academics from around the world have sided with Ethiopia to condemn the TPLF and its supporters, the AAU said, adding that regardless of the fact and disregarding the ancient university’s contribution to the country; some people showed no reluctance to support the TPLF; They would be subject to legal action, including losing their degrees, said EBC.

Similarly, the university urged western countries to end their undue pressure on Ethiopia and promised to further step up their contributions and fight to save the country. The EBC reported that the university issued an eight-point resolution.