Jun 22, 2021

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At least 358,000 IDPs in North Shewa & Oromo Special Zones need urgent assistance: UN

– An inter -agency mission conducted on 3-6 May in North Shewa and Oromo Special Zones of Amhara Region identified that at least 358,000 people displaced due to conflict andin dire need of food, shelter, non-food items, water, and healthcare services, the UNOCHA said.

“While 90 per cent of the IDPs live in host communities, those in collective sites are living in extremely poor conditions with protection concerns and need for psychosocial support.”

According to the report, in Ataye Town, which was the epicenter of armed attacks and destruction, “the entire population in the town was displaced and the town is burned down.”

“The 253,000 IDPs in North Shewa Zone are sheltered in Mehal Meda site of Efrata Woreda(25,000), Ber Gibi site of Gidem /Ataye Woreda(95,000), Mekoy site of Amsokia Woreda (10,000),Shoa Robit(23,000), and Debre Berhan (100,000),” UNOCHA said.

In Oromo Special Zone, IDPs are located in Artuma Fursi (50,127), Jile Temuga (51,350), Kemissie Ketema (2,570) Dewa Cheffa (871). “While the security situation is improving in the conflict hotspots, the IDPs in Debre Berhan, Shoa Robit and Mahale Meda expressed fear and anxiety about returning to their homes mentioning that they have been repeatedly attacked and their loved ones killed and injured (some mentioned that six attacks have occurred over the last past few years).”