Nov 28, 2021

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Breaking: PM Abiy to lead army from frontline as of tomorrow

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced today that he will go to the front tomorrow. In a social media post shared tonight, Abiy said, “It is time to lead the country through sacrifice. I will go to the front tomorrow to lead the defense forces. “The Prime Minister called on the Ethiopians and said:” Those of you who want to be remembered in history stand up for your country. Meet me up front. ”Abiy assured that the administrative vacuum will be filled by federal and regional officials who will work harder than ever to carry out administrative and development activities.

In his message to the people Abiy of Ethiopia vowed to fend off “enemies both internally and externally” whom he accused of building their strength on Ethiopia’s weakness. He said: “Ethiopia’s plan was to move forward together without leaving anyone in the lurch,” said the Prime Minister, adding, “That is why we have directed our foreign policy towards our neighbors.” He went on: “This struggle is the struggle of all blacks . The campaign against Ethiopia is a conspiracy to undermine and humiliate the history, culture, identity and dignity of blacks by subjugating their symbol of freedom, Ethiopia. ”He also urged all blacks to act in a spirit of pan-Africanism Ethiopia.

“There is no time to criticize from afar,” said the Prime Minister, adding: “Let’s do what has to be self-made. We are everything that Ethiopia has. ”At the end of his message, he affirmed his commitment:“ The name Ethiopia is the name of the winners, it is a symbol of freedom. I have no doubt that my generation will pay the price on their behalf and write their victory in gold. Shipping